For automotive and industrial leaders whose reputations ride on reliability, Schrader is the valve and sensing technology pioneer that delivers innovative solutions they can trust, because only Schrader provides the vision, engineering strength and collaboration they need.

Since our breakthrough inventions including the pneumatic tire valve beginning in 1844, we've accelerated our strong culture of innovation. More recently, we pioneered tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) for global OEMs and a revolutionary, patented programmable sensor for the Aftermarket. TPMS is a safety feature now standard on all cars in the U.S., and growing globally. In fact, more than half of all new vehicle platforms in the U.S. utilize Schrader direct TPMS technology. By accurately monitoring tire pressure, TPMS helps drivers avoid serious accidents, reduce environmental impact, and save money at the pump.

In addition to our work with leading OEMs in the automotive sector, we deliver customer-driven innovation to a diverse range of industries and applications from industrial production, to off-road/heavy-duty equipment, to aerospace & oil and gas delivering valve and sensing solutions that protect and perform.

Schrader offers a market leading portfolio of TPMS systems, sensors, service packs, tools and accessories for the Aftermarket that meet OEM quality and performance specifications. Recently, Schrader delivered EZ-sensor(TM), a patented and programmable Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor designed with the goal of eventually replacing 90% of available TPMS sensors, dramatically reducing cost of inventory, and avoiding lost sales.

Beginning in April 2010, Schrader has sponsored a global public and industry TPMS communications effort to raise awareness about tire pressure monitoring systems and to stress the importance of proper tire pressure. One component of the awareness campaign is the launch of a comprehensive industry-focused Web site with three distinct sections: for drivers; to address specific training and service needs of the aftermarket, and to assist original equipment manufacturers with quality and technology-based decisions.

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