The original Monaflex Tyre Repair range possesses unrivalled flexibility, portability and strength in the finished repair when compared with all other available repair equipment. By substituting the heavy, cumbersome components associated with old repair technology, with lightweight inflatable Air Bags and flexible Heat Pads, the Monaflex System is easily assembled by a single operator and can consistently produce first class repairs. When not in use the Systems can collapse down to a neat compact size which makes transport and storage easy. Uniquely, the complete Monaflex System for the repair of the largest OTR tyres available in the world today can be transported easily in the rear of an average sized family car. It is this portability that has opened up enormous opportunities for our customers including mobile repair services and multi-site operations.

Unlike other fixed plate mechanical and hydraulic ‘spotter’ repair systems, the basic principal of the Monaflex inflatable components allows the repair to conform perfectly to the complex contour of the tire. The result is a perfect, distortion free, feather edged repair with maximum adhesion- these repairs will be stronger and last longer than any others in the industry.

Utilising simultaneous heat and pressure, applied to both the inside and outside of the tyre injury, the Monaflex system can cure both the Plug and Patch at the same time resulting in a quick repair. Each system will also allow the repair of all major areas of the tire without any extra components.

In the modern mining industry where budgets need to be adhered to and waste management is vital, use of the Monaflex tyre repair system will cut the scrapping of tyres down to a minimum. Monaflex will reduce waste, reduce downtime and save considerable capital.

Stanley hOuse
South quay
st sampsons
united kingdom