Ken-Tool is the leading manufacturer of tire service tools in the world. Headquartered in Akron, Ohio, Ken-Tool has been providing the tire industry and automotive aftermarket with quality products for over 80 years.

Housed in a 75,000 square foot facility, Ken-Tool is a primary manufacturer of product, with its manufacturing expertise centered around drop hammer, upsetter, and press forging. The company goes to market through the traditional aftermarket distribution network.

The company also does contract forging for various companies both in and outside its industry. Private branded products are becoming an increasingly important part of Ken-Tool's business.

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Vendor Showcase

HexChex Multi-Size Loose Wheel Nut Indicators and Pilot Sleeve Wheel Centering Sleeves

HexChex Multi-Size Loose Wheel Nut Indicators and Pilot Sleeve Wheel Centering Sleeves

Pilot Sleeve – Re-centers wheel to the hub bearing to help improve fuel efficiency, reduce driver fatigue, and improve ride quality. Wheel centering sleeves help extend tire life and reduce cupping of tires. These sleeves will not corrode or harm wheels and are tested to stand up to the harshest conditions. For use on steel, aluminum, steer wheels and drive wheels, including inside duals. Pilot Sleeve Zip Tool is used for installation and removal of wheel centering sleeves. These can be purchased in packages of 6, 100, or 1000. Zip tool can be purchased separately but comes free with the 1000 pc bucket. Takes up the gap between 22mm stud and the 26mm wheel opening
KT #30630 Zip Tool
KT #30631 6pc Wheel Centering Sleeves
KT #30632 100pc bucket Wheel Centering Sleeves
KT #30633 1000pc bucket Wheel Centering Sleeves

HexChex – Designed not to melt under heavy braking situations but will melt if hub overheats which will alert the driver of hub problems. Non-stick material is removed easily without damage to wheels or lug nuts. HexChex are easy to use and no tools are needed for application or removal. 4 sizes of Multi-Size Wheel Nut Indicators covers 31 different lug nut sizes for easy inventory purposes and finding the correct size. Durable, Reusable & won’t damage wheels!
KT #30601 Metric 19mm – 23mm, SAE 3/4” – 1”
KT #30602 Metric 23mm – 30mm, SAE 1” – 1 3/16”
KT #30603 Metric 30mm – 38mm, SAE 1 3/16” – 1 1/2”
KT #30604 Metric 38mm – 50mm, SAE 1 1/2” – 2”
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