International Marketing, Inc.

25 Penncraft Avenue, Suite C
P.O. Box 2002
Chambersburg, PA 17201



IMI provides commercial tire dealers with profit adding solutions to problems like air loss, tire wear, ride complaints and wheel safety. For more than 40 years, IMI has been a leader in truck tire and wheel maintenance and safety. With over 300 years of combined tire industry experience, IMI's employees are TIA certified to provide unparalleled expertise and customer experience.

EQUAL: Balance tires quicker and more effectively than any other method
STS Tire Sealant: 2x the sealing capability, 7x the corrosion resistance
Checkpoint: Indicate loose lug nuts before they become a problem
IMI Wheel refinishing: Provide rust free, durable steel wheels through effective refinishing

“Delivering Extra Miles in Extraordinary Ways” since 1973.