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Founded in the summer of 1942 by E.B. Jensen and partner Roy Barnes, B&J has been the unquestioned industry leader in tyre buffing products to serve the retread industry. B&J Manufacturing revolutionized the tyre buffing process when introducing a system using blades rather than tacks, the now famous B&J Rocket Rasps. Not satisfied with resting on their laurels, B&J continued to be at the forefront of new blade technology introducing names that became synonymous with retreading such as Saturn, Apollo, Patriot and Eagle.

Emil Bech Jensen, the founder of B&J Rocket and the inventor of the Rocket Buffing System, passed March 10, 2008 in his home in Florida.

Today the Trademark RocketĀ® is a synonym for buffing blades providing a cool and efficient buffing of tyres with the perfect texture. This provides the basis for maximum adhesion between cured and uncured rubber and enables the production of quality retreads.