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Tire Profiles is the leader in tire and alignment diagnostics

Drive retention and higher profits in your Service Facility
TreadSpec 2.0: The Best Just Got Better!
TreadSpec is the solution to your tire diagnostic dilemma. Its revolutionary design, innovative software, and proprietary TreadTrackerTM Report deliver customer retention, efficiency, and profitability quickly and easily. The TreadTracker Report empowers your customer by providing data illustrating when their tires will need replacement.
Futuristic Design, Lower profile, looks better on the service drive, Easier for customers to drive over, Composite construction, Extremely durable, Lasts longer, Holds up better to environmental issues (ex. chemical and salt exposure)
Patent-pending system
Requires significantly less cleaning and maintenance
Features WDS: water deflection system
Next-generation License Plate Recognition (LPR) with improved plate accuracy

THE FUTURE of Tire and Alignment measure is HERE!
The only laser-powered tire tread depth and alignment measurement instrument that fits in the palm of your hand!
The Groove Glove™ provides detailed tire tread depth and vehicle alignment recommendations utilizing the same powerful software used by the Tire Profiles – TreadSpec drive over products.
Quickly complete a vehicle scan anywhere in the service facility. All you need is a wireless signal. The software then computes a customer report to dramatically increase tire and alignment sales.