Elgi Rubber Company Limited

Elgi Rubber (USA) LLC provides a variety of products for use by the Tire Dealers nationwide.

Elgi Rubber Company Limited is a company headquartered in India with subsidiaries in Australia, Brasil, Kenya, the Netherlands, Sri Lanka and the United States of America. Elgi manufactures a comprehensive range of raw material, equipment, tools and accessories used in the Rubber Industry, predominantly in the Tyre sector. With state of the art manufacturing facilities, testing laboratories and R&D centers around the world ELGI is able to deliver products to the most demanding users.

Elgi's products are sold under the following brands

•Jet - Tyre Retread and Repair Systems
•Pincott - Rasp Blades, Hubs & Spacers
•Cincinnati Retread Systems - Expandable Hubs, Expandable Rims, Stems and Buffers
•Carbrasive - Brazed Carbide Tools
•Midwest Rubber - Gums, Adhesives and Sealants
•Ecorr - Reclaimed Rubber