Enhanced by its partnerships with Transportation Resources Partners (TRP) and affiliates the Penske Corporation and McLarty Associates a leading international strategic advisory firm, Tire Group International LLC has positioned itself as one of the leading organizations in the worldwide wholesale distribution of tires and South Florida's largest independent tire wholesaler. The company's dedicated commitment to quality and sensitivity to customer satisfaction has set a standard for others to follow. TGI's extensive inventory of over forty different brands of tires, including various brands of tubes and wheels, and several brands of tire repair products, clearly separates them from their competition.

The main component of TGI's business is the targeted distribution of these top-quality products to distributors, retailers and end-users all over the world.

The reason customers prefer to do business with TGI is because TGI has access to literally millions of top-quality tires worldwide and TGI has the ability to get product to their customers when needed. The end result...providing the customer with efficient, courteous service and a quality product.