API offers a full range of tires including commercial truck, performance passenger, ultra high performance passenger, light truck, agricultural, ATV, OTR, bias truck, bias trailer, steel wheels for commercial truck and high speed trailer applications. API manufactures and distributes premium quality products with the latest cutting-edge technology. These are distributed under many different brand names, some of which are Gladiator, Advanta, Minos, Vortex, Zenna-UHP, Hartland, O'Green, and Forgiato-UHP. Each tire line is manufactured and designed to satisfy the world's most demanding drivers.

Our dedicated Sales Team and outstanding Customer Service Department provide our customers with an exceptional experience, unmatched by our competition. We offer a wide range of high quality point-of-sales materials for you and your customers, Quality Certified Warranty, Product Liability Insurance, Competitive Programs, and Exclusive Sales Territories. We also have a US Distribution Center for times when immediate replenishment is needed. For more information on products or distribution, please contact us.